Private & Personal Koi Shopping 2024

John & Kyle will be traveling out to hand pick this year's Japanese Koi 

Dear Blue Ribbon customer and friend,

Spring is here and pond season has begun. If you have not already contacted us concerning the opening or cleaning of your pond, we encourage you to contact us so that we may put you on the service schedule.

We have a wide array of items you may need in stock. UV bulbs, thermometers, all-season Dainichi food, Amquel, aqua Medzyme, and Microbe-lift spring/summer cleaner are in stock. If you haven’t been to the store, please come and see us!

Also, we will be selecting high quality Japanese koi for the new season in the next week. Last year we had the pleasure of meeting and selecting fish with one of the breeders Koske Shintaro.

If you would like us to personally select a koi we would need to know: what kind, size, budget (how much would you like to spend?), and your phone number. Availability by phone April 8th and 9th to converse via phone and text message would be preferred, but not required. Now is the opportunity to obtain that special koi that you have been looking for. We would love to shop for you.  

Please call the shop at (703) 753-7566 to speak with John or Kyle. You may also reply with any needs, concerns, or koi shopping questions. Make your pond the best it can be!

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