About Us

Blue Ribbon Koi Products, Inc. (BRK) is a family owned business with over forty years of koi keeping experience. We were hobbyists first, followed by the genesis of our business in 1986.

We are founding members of the Mid-Atlantic Koi Club (MAKC) which is the largest koi club in the country. We supported the club by displaying our products at monthly club meetings, advertising in MAKC News, hosting meetings and by playing an active role in the annual koi show and exposition. We build real koi ponds using the best information and technology to provide a safe and healthful environment to grow and maintain beautiful healthy koi. Our goal is to provide healthy, crystal clear water with a minimal amount of maintenance. When you buy products and services from us you get our support and commitment to make your koi experience a pleasant and successful venture.

In the fall of 2005, marine livestock and dry goods became part of our business plan. Within one year, marine sales generated 25% of our annual income, In 2022 we added freshwater fish, Aqua scaping that includes fresh water plants and hardscape supplies to our offering as well. 

We support the Washington Area Marine Aquarist Society (WAMAS) in much the same way we supported MAKC. Members of WAMAS get great buys on special order dry goods and unique marine life from our diversified array of suppliers.

We actively support the concept of captive bred fish & invertebrates to help save our natural reefs, including in house aquaculture. Also, 90% of all corals we sell are fragged, mounted, and grown in our facility!


Our Mission

BRKM prides itself in providing our customers with the best products, healthiest livestock, and most accurate information possible. Water quality and fish health are paramount in our marine & freshwater systems. Partners John & Bob Bianchi both attended the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine’s training program on fish health and we pride ourselves on providing accurate advice based on our years of experience.

We look forward to continued business growth and expansion to serve the greater Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas the highest quality marine and fresh water supplies and livestock at reasonable prices.

With the combination of Koi, Ponds and saltwater life, we have modified our company name to Blue Ribbon Koi & Aquatics to display our co-involvement in both the Koi & the Aquatics hobby. 



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