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Type: Showa

Breeder:  Marusei     

Size :  20"           


The Showa period, which ran from 1926 to 1989, was the time period during which the Showa Koi fish were developed. White, red, and black were used as the major hues in selective breeding to create them. The characteristic tri-color design on Showa Koi features a black foundation with red and white patterns.

The foundation of the Showa pattern is the black hue, or sumi, which can be anything from a deep, jet-black to a charcoal gray. On the black background, the red markings—known as hi—appear as colorful patches or patterns. These red markings can range in color from dark crimson to paler hues of red, depending on their severity. The third hue, white, or shiroji, contrasts with the black and red patterns and frequently occurs as a balance to them.

The distribution and arrangement of Showa Koi's colors is one of their distinctive characteristics. The perfect Showa design has bold, well-defined black marks that cover the entire body and stand out sharply against the red and white patches. The balance of the red and white hues will improve the fish's overall visual effect.

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