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Type: Kin Shiro Utsuri 

Size :              16"



Koi fish of the Kin Shiro Utsuri variety are highly regarded for their eye-catching coloring and distinctive pattern.

"Kin Shiro Utsuri" is a term that has Japanese roots. The terms "Kin" (for gold), "Shiro" (for white), and "Utsuri" (for a black design on a white or metallic basis) are all related. As a result, the hue of Kin Shiro Utsuri—gold, white, and black—defines it.

A Kin Shiro Utsuri koi's body is primarily white or metallic in color, creating an exquisite backdrop for the pattern. The white portions are covered by the black design, making for an eye-catching contrast. The shape of the black markings can change.

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