Dainichi Premium Koi Food Medium Pellet

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We start feeding this food once water temperature is consistently above 70 degrees F

PREMIUM is our over-all most popular koi food. Ideal food for keeping
all koi in show quality condition, this high performance formula
provides your fish with a perfect balance of both growth and color.
PREMIUM can be used alone or in conjunction with other formulas
Featuring five sources of protein, of which spirulina, krill, and shrimp
are also color enhancing, this formula is an all-time favorite with
serious hobbyists and many top Japanese koi breeders and koi
connoisseurs. Dainichi's unique two-step application of vitamins and
minerals, especially vitamins C & E ensures that luster, sheen and
whites of the koi are at their best.

Like all Dainichi foods, PREMIUM contains calcium montmorillonite clay
to simulate the natural ingestion of mineral particles and to bind and
neutralize metabolic toxins. Raw, fully potent vitamins, digestive enzymes
and garlic ensure that the fish are healthy and free of internal parasites.
Furthermore, the scouring action of the clay enhances continued
rejuvenation of the digestive tract which ensures a maximum rate of digestion and assimilation of nutrients. With only two sources of starch (flour as binder and wheat germ as a source of vitamin E and B), PREMIUM keeps the body conformation of all koi in a constant show-ready condition.

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