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The AlphaBioONE media was specially designed for this filter and this filter only. It is not something borrowed from another industry and used in the filter.


Its design is unique in that it was not designed with "cross hairs" as some other specialty types of media use. We left those out because in a static bed the "cross hairs" can collect and hold debris until it becomes anaerobic.


With the AlphaBioONE media there are no hidden areas for anaerobic bacteria, to harbor and stagnate, only beneficial bacteria.


Take a look at the AlphaBioONE media and you'll see for yourself.


All AlphaONE filters come with 2 HP Media Agitator

AlphaONE 1.75  2,500 gallons (U.S.)50 gpm 90 lbs load 19" x 31"                  

AlphaONE 2.50  5,000 gallons (U.S.)70 gpm 125 lbs load 21" x 32"                 

AlphaONE 4.25  10,000 gallons (U.S.)90 gpm 225 lbs load 24.75" x 34"      

AlphaONE 6.0   17,000 gallons (U.S.)120 gpm 300 lbs load 30.5" x 36.75"  

AlphaONE 10.0  25,000 gallons (U.S.)180 gpm 500 lbs load 36 7/8" x 42"   

Filters are truck shipped and you will be contacted before shipping with rate.

Alpha One pressurized filters By GC Tek

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