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Spring Koi Keeping tips

  • TEST for ammonia (0), nitrite (0), PH (7-8.5), and Total alkalinity>100
  • Clean debris out of pond; do not scrub the sides, that green slim is loaded with beneficial bacteria and fish food.
  • Change about 20% water once temperature is above 50, and then continue throughout season monthly (weekly changes of 10% are another option). Use a DECHOLRINATOR such as Amquel if you are on city water. Test for chlorine. I you have well water, use Novaqua to neutralize the heavy metals and buffer the PH.
  • Clean filter thoroughly with pond water, don’t use chlorinated water; it will kill any bacteria that may have gone dormant for the winter.
  • Add Microbe lift Spring Cleaner to help break down any organics left in pond, and start Microbe lift PL additions to help get the biological activity going.
  • Add KoiZyme to help reduce the aeromonas and pseudomonas bacteria counts.
  • Once water temperature is consistently above 50 degrees, feed an immune system stimulating food such as Sho Koi Impact or Legacy Immunostimulant or a good quality low protein wheat germ based food. Only feed what they will eat in 3-5 min, do not leave any uneaten food in pond.
  • Watch fish for any sores or any unusual behavior like flashing or jumping.
  • If there are any alarming behaviors, a microscopic look at a slime coat scraping from the ailing fish may be in order to examine for parasites. Parasites will burrow a microscopic hole in the fish and allow bacteria in, left untreated, bacteria will eventually eat away the fish flesh until death.
  • As water warms to above 60 degrees switch to a high quality Koi food with higher protein, stabilized vitamin C and color enhancers. We use and recommend Dainichi Premium Koi Food.


Check back for more Koi keeping tips.

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